Mirella is a powerful coach who has an amazing gift for identifying exactly what you need to do to maximize your results. Mirella is a pleasure to work with and always leaves you feeling loved and supported.

What really amazes me is her broad scope of knowledge and experience. Mirella has helped me with online sales & marketing strategies, money mindset and I have completed her Writing for the Soul program and am about to publish my first book.

I am very grateful to have Mirella as my business mastermind! You should definitely take the opportunity to work with her!!

Business & Leadership Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur

We started business coaching with Mirella and it is making a huge difference in our business.  One of the major changes is how we approach our day today.  She identified our strengths and weaknesses and now we can concentrate on the aspects of the business we love.

Mirella has a unique ability to gain insight into the business and the personalities involved and explained how to implement better strategies for all in our business. Knowing what drives each of us and actually understanding this is paramount in everything we do.

Since coaching with Mirella we now have clarity that is priceless, it has given us direction, knowledge, and understanding.  We would highly recommend coaching with Mirella.

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I enjoyed the VIP day, it met my expectations and changed my mindset in relation to how I need to approach what I do.

It helped me to put the business focus on what I was doing before.  I had a few aha moments, especiallyafter the VIP day.

I did feel motivated and inspired to change and really move ahead.  I often refer to the notes and the tools we discussed. I feel optimistic and confident that I can achieve my goals.


I really enjoyed the VIP day, I felt like it really gave me a good perspective on things and strengthened my resolve on where I want things to go.  It had an extremely positive effect on my mindset.

I felt both motivated and inspired, and a feeling of certainty.  I learned I need to say a lot more things out loud, be more honest with myself. Had a couple of AHA moments.

I have already recommended you to my business partner, and would to others because I think you have a way of making people see how they really are, and it’s important to know yourself well in order to conduct yourself in a positive and productive way.


Your Professionalism is powerful. I wanted to draw from your success I admire your success and look up to you.

You made me look at my business in a way I had never thought of Fun & enjoyable.  You helped me nut out aspects of my business with  Marketing materials with good wording and Marketing ideas that I have been implementing every day. I’m blunter and to the point with people because you taught me to respect my time and value myself.

Your very clever in how you approach things – I feel like I need to do it now or I will miss out!


I have been working with Mirella since 2009 and her business coaching is nothing short of miraculous. Her attention to detail, uplifting positive attitude and knowledge have really helped me excel in my business endeavors as well as my personal life.

Mirella has a huge heart and wants nothing more than to see others succeed. It really does shine through in her coaching sessions just how passionate she is about helping others obtain an achievable outcome.

She is results driven, supportive and most importantly an authentic coach. I would highly recommend Mirella to anyone who is wanting to experience rapid success in any area of life.

Founder of The Academy of NOW | Well-Being Coach

After spending thousands of dollars getting information from almost every writing coach and expert out there, I can say, without a doubt, working with Mirella De Boni is the best investment anyone wanting to write and share their message could make.

No 1 Best Selling Author, Multi-Award Winning Female Entrepreneur, Speaker & Marketing Strategist

Mirella De Boni is one of the most insightful, informative and productive coaches I have ever had the good fortune to work with. Mirella is not only at the top of her game but enthusiastic to help others get there too.

If you have a message to get out to the world, I would look no further than Mirella De Boni.

Emotional Eating Strategist & Creator of Ditch the Diet Online Bootcamp

I was very fortunate to find Mirella. What an exceptional lady. Her understanding of business and how to improve both the business and yourself in the business is priceless.

If you feel you are a bit stuck or need to see things from a different perspective, then I highly recommend Mirella.

She is down to earth, easy to get on with and very inspirational.

Sales Consultant at First National Whitsunday Coast

Mirella is a true gem! She was able to quickly and intuitively see what’s missing, helped me think outside the box to strategically create more programs to bring about more income in my business, in a short amount of time!

She is extremely knowledgeable, a fast thinker, bold and a brilliant coach. I highly recommend her!


Mirella focused my thoughts on the potential of my business. I kind of went in blind, not knowing what to expect but having faith this would be as good as other sessions she has conducted.

I quit my day job to focus on my business and I feel more focused and aware of what needs to happen to take it from a hobby to a real business.

I learned about conditioning others to meet my expectations and I developed a few new packages that were sitting right under my nose.

If you would  recommend the VIP day to anyone else in business because it can assist you in bringing to reality those thoughts you ponder “how could I do ….”

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