Business Coaching

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who is:

Dedicated to your business, putting the time and effort in

and you’re still NOT getting back what you deserve?

Do you want to make your business successful but you’re lacking the confidence or knowledge to make it happen?

Would you like to:

Know how to attract your ideal client?
Charge what you are worth so that you are rewarded for your expertise
Turn your skills into multiple streams of income so that you can avoid the Peaks & Valleys of income
Start selling your skills without being salesy or pushy
Leverage your time so you can stop trading dollars for hours
My name is Mirella DeBoni, I am a Money, Marketing & Soul Coach. I am also a Relationship Counselling Specialist, Published Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer.

My name is Mirella DeBoni, I am a Business, Marketing, Money  & Soul Coach.

I specialise in helping Solo Entrepreneurs and small business owners turn their Passion into Profit. I help business owners charge what they are worth and create multiple levels of income in their business by using the skills they already have.

I love to help Solo Entrepreneurs take their business to the next level by creating an easy to follow plan on how to achieve the goals for their business. I provide rich content in our training sessions that can be easily applied and multiplied in your business. I also provide templates and done-for-you style systems so that you can implement them in your business and take the LEAP to the next level of income.

If you would like to know how I can help you and your business, simply complete the contact form on this website and I will be in contact with you.

I look forward to connecting with you.

The 4 Blockages in Your Business

So, you have either created a business or you want to create a business based on an idea you have. However, it isn’t as easy as you thought it would be to turn your ideas into a steady stream of income. You are not sure how the money will come in, as it’s not as simple as you had imagined.

The truth is, you can’t just hang a sign on your door or throw up a website and have a successful business which instantly makes money. It takes more work and effort than that. It takes strategy and long-term vision. But, you need to start somewhere, right?!

Well, the first thing to do is assess if your idea really is a great idea. Sometimes what we believe is an awesome business idea isn’t as good as we thought. If your business isn’t gaining momentum you need to consider if your Niche market is the right market for you.

It’s important to identify who you are selling your idea or services to. You need to make sure you are selling a solution to a problem they are willing to invest in. The most important thing is to make sure your ideas and services are in alignment with your niche. Every idea you have should be addressing a solution to a problem.

Entrepreneurs have no fear when it comes to business. We go full steam ahead but we do find ourselves feeling stuck at different points in our journey. Here are 4 stages I believe entrepreneurs get stuck in business:

Stage 1:

· You’re right at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey
· You are at the start-up point
· Maybe you are working part-time and transitioning into your new business
· You need a steady stream of income
· You have knowledge and some experience but not sure how to make it income producing

Stage 2:

· You are in business and have some customers
· Your business is making some money but it’s unpredictable
· Your income is like a rollercoaster of feast and famine
· One week you’re living like a Queen, next week your living like a pauper
· Feelings of overwhelm are consuming you
· You’re not sure how you can make more money in your business

Stage 3:

· You’re working too many hours in your business
· You have momentum but you seriously need to duplicate yourself in order to get everything done
· You want to leverage your time and increase your income
· You need someone else to help you with the workload but you can’t afford to hire anyone at this point

Stage 4:

· You’re a leader and an innovator
· You are making more money than before but it’s still not enough to justify not having a life outside of your business
· Your business growth is limited because you only have so many hours in the day
· You want to have a holiday or take a break but you can’t
· It’s causing stress and overwhelm
· You are feeling burnt out
· You have lost the vision of your business
· You have lost the direction in your business and in your personal life

When it comes to business it takes more than an idea and more than motivation. It takes strategic planning to grow your business. When you see other businesses out there doing something similar to what you want to do, don’t be fooled. Those people were once where you are right now. Everyone needs some help and direction to grow their business because we can’t expect to be the expert in every area.
Maybe your business needs:

· Strategic Planning
· Sales Systems
· Structure and Routine
· New income streams that didn’t involve your time
· Marketing to attract new clients and gain repeat business
· Support from staff or a virtual team to help with the workload
· Balance of work and personal life so you can recharge yourself

Questions to ask yourself:

· Is your niche big enough to sustain your business?
· Can your Niche afford your services?
· Do you have the solutions your clients are looking for and willing to invest in?
· Do you have a strategic plan directing your business towards growth and sustainability?
· Do you have systems and structure in place to leverage your time and increase your income?
· Do you have a marketing plan that you are implementing daily, weekly or monthly?
· Are you working IN your business or ON your business?
· Do you have a business or did you buy yourself a job?

When you are the only one in your business it means you are managing the roles of half a dozen people.

There are so many things you are bringing to your business such as:

· Inspiration
· Vision
· Knowledge
· Experience
· Skill
· Energy
· Time

Your business will only grow as quickly as you do and sometimes you need some help. Having someone look at your business with fresh eyes can give you clarity and direction that will help you become unstuck, motivated and relieved that there is an answer to the problems you are having when you’re starting, running or growing your business.

Many people who start businesses pour their heart and soul into it and can become very underwhelmed with the results. Growing a business is a journey that comes with hard work and harsh lessons. Everything worthwhile takes effort, don’t give up!

This is the perfect time to hire a business coach who can identify where you are stuck and what you need to do to grow your business, make more money and save you some precious time.

Business coaching can be expensive but it is worth every penny. You want to choose a business coach who knows your industry. A business coach is not qualified to coach in every industry.

I work with people who are in the self-help, mind-body, healing and wellness industries. I also work with tradesmen and married couples running a business together. They are my business coaching areas. I have experience with all of them personally and professionally.

Even though I am a business coach, I still hire my own business coaches to help me with my business because I can’t see what I can’t see. I love clarity, direction and growth.

If you are struggling with any of the 4 stages mentioned and need some help, just send me an email and tell me where you are at right now and I will reply to you personally with a solution.

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Business Coaching can help you to create a business doing what you love, working from and making really good money.

There are a few things you need to know before you get started creating an online business.

1. You need to hire a business coach you can trust.

2. Online business can quickly become a money pit if you think you need to “know everything” before you get started taking action to create a business.

3. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of time and energy.

4. Making money online is not hard. You just need to learn a few systems and have a variety of choices in which options you can take when it comes to investing in technology and online support.

The benefit of business coaching is your coach can guide you along the path of least resistance.

You will save a tonne of money by hiring enrolling in business coaching because you will learn all the short cuts.