Why Do People Have An Affair?

Some people are sexually attracted to other people and will act on it and others are sexually attracted and won’t act on it. People who are confiding in each other are sharing a special kind of intimacy and may not need anything else.  Suffice to say it is a dangerous game to play being in an emotional affair because you just don’t know how deep your feelings are.  It may feel like a deep friendship but it may only take one look, one moment to change everything from emotional to sensual to physical to sexual.

sexual affair is an extramarital relationship between two people for the purpose of sexual release, sexual exploration and satisfaction.  The purpose in a sexual affair is not the emotional component in fact it can be quite detached and makes it part of the thrill but still serves a purpose.  They are drawn to together through desire and sexual release.

So would you rather your partner have a sexual affair or an emotional affair?  Would you believe that most people would prefer a sexual affair rather than an emotional affair?  Why?  Because emotions are not something you can choose to have for just anyone.  Let’s face it you could have sex with anyone – making love is a different matter though.

The reason people find it harder to accept an emotional affair is because sexual response is kind of like human error.  Communication on the other hand is a learned skill.  A skill that can make or break a couple.  It is the glue that keeps couples together.  The ability to share your dreams, talk about your day, and work through issues is essential for the longevity of a relationship.  To think that your partner can confide in someone else their deepest thoughts and intimate feelings is like a stab in the heart.