6 Things You NEED To Know
BEFORE You Start Writing
Your First Book

Do you want to write a book but not sure where to start?
Lemme give you a heads up on a few things before you put pen to paper so when it comes to writing your best-selling book, you can move forward with confidence.
Isn't it good to know you can make the right choices from the start?

In this Guide, you'll learn

  • What you have to gain by writing a book
  • Discover a range of books you can write that you probably haven't considered yet
  • Learn the pros and cons when it comes to different types of publishing options
  • Understand what you need to include in your budget so you don't get caught out with over-the-top expenses
  • How to deal with Time Management and Procrastination
  • How to handle fear of rejection and criticism

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Business, Marketing & Book Writing Coach

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The 6 Things You NEED
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