3 Key Areas to a Successful Relationship

Why is it that some people have really strong, loving relationships and other’s are feeling so much pressure and emotional turmoil in their relationship, that they just don’t know what to do or how to get it back on track?

Relationships shouldn’t be hard work but they should include consistent effort from both partners to make it a great one.

You can consider your relationship to be in 3 parts:

One part is you.

You are able to make all the difference in the relationship based on your actions and reactions. If you can be accountable for yourself and how you behave in the relationship we are half way to an awesome relationship already.

Second Part is your Partner.

They are responsible for themselves, their actions, reactions and behaviour. If they focus on how they act and react and you are doing the same then we should have 100% improvement.

Third part is the relationship.

In order for the relationship to be fantastic, it depends what part one and part two are putting into it. If you consider the analogy of the relationship to a bank account, then you would need to consistently put something into it to build into something worth having. Something you are proud to put your name towards. You wouldn’t want to take anything out of it because then it wouldn’t grow and if it didn’t grow then the future would become uncertain.

In the relationship it depends on what each partner is putting in and taking out as to the quality of the relationship.